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Cathi, la petite fille bavaroise de Gyorgy et Dorothea Stefula

Reproduction rights:

The Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula Foundation holds the reproduction rights to all works of art produced by these two artists.
The works of Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula are copyright protected.
No representation or reproduction of these works may be made without the prior written authorisation from the holders of these rights. For all information, contact the Foundation.


Most of the collected works of Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula belonging to the Foundation are retained as a whole collection and cannot be sold. However, a small selection of paintings and lithographs is offered for sale by the Foundation.
In addition, some works not belonging to the Foundation are occasionally available at the Galerie Hell in Munich and in other Bavarian galleries as well as at auctions.

Authentication of works:

If you would like to ensure that a work in your possession or for which you are responsible is included in the Catalogue Raisonné currently being developed, you may send details of the painting to the Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula Foundation, who will look into your application.

Catalogue Raisonné:

The Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula Foundation is working on a Catalogue Raisonné of paintings by these two artists. The Catalogue will document the thousands of works produced by the artists during their lifetime, including paintings on canvas, wood and paper, as well as lithographs and illustrations, together with terracotta and ceramic figurines.
Each work of art will be indexed with a colour illustration, a complete description of the work and its provenance, a record of exhibitions and reproduction references and notes on the techniques used. The Catalogue Raisonné will be a definitive compilation of works produced by Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula and recognised as being authentic. Owners of works by the Stefulas are encouraged to contact the Foundation to ensure that their paintings are included and documented appropriately in the Catalogue.

Cathi, Gyorgy and Dorothea Stefula's Bavarian granddaughter