stefula gyorgy dorothea


Enter the world of the Stefulas

Via this Internet site, we want to perpetuate the memory of two unusual artists and set up a link between friends and admirers of their art.

At a time when art lovers were feeling rather annoyed, irritated or disturbed, the works of Dorothea and Gyorgy provided a breath of poetry and gentleness.

Brilliant and tremendously cheerful paintings, these creations are a real therapy against the stresses of our society.

They are difficult to categorise; they don't belong to any school or movement whether that be of consciously or unconsciously naïve painting.

One phrase might give us the key:
"Forget, what your outer eye has seen. Paint, what your inner eye has retained."

A gentle rule reigned over the Stefula house: Neither artist was allowed to enter the other's studios when one of them was painting.

The works of Dorothea and Gyorgy Stefula can be distinguished as much by their content as by the artistic techniques employed.